Offshore Chamber

Max. Operating pressure 5,5 bar
Max. Working pressure 5,0 bar
Test pressure 8,25 bar
Main chamber capacity 4 people sitting
Prechamber capacity 2 people lying
internal diameter 2000 mm
Inside length of the main chamber 2200 mm
Inside length of the pre chamber 2000 mm
Length over everything ca. 4385 mm
Overall width ca. 2020 mm
ca. 2020 mm ca. 2050 mm


Offshore chamber – outside

Additional technical data

Offshore Chamber6.500 l
Prechamber volume2.850 l
Number of doors2
Number of doors Number of doors (MC-PC)800 mm
Number of windows in the MC and PC4
Diameter200 mm
Lateral control station1
Diameter200 mm
length300 mm
Cylinders 16Stk.a.50L 200bar
Breathing Air CompressorBauer Marina
quantity delivered:250 l/min
motor version:Drehstrom; 400V, 50 Hz
operating pressure:225 und/oder 330 bar
NATO/STANAG/DIN 13256 -Bajonett- Flange on the prechamber1
Electrical power380 Volt, 50 Hz
Electrical connection valueca. 4000 Watt
Acceptance company (classification)HW@TÜV / Loyd
Weight of the chamber including 16Stk Cylinders, installed in the 20 ’standard containerca. 8.500 kg
20 Fuß High Cube 20’ long and 9’6 "high outside dimensionslength: 6058 mm
width: 2438 mm
height: 2891 mm