AFS3 Free-Flow Diving Helmet


Free-Flow Diving Helmet

The diving helmet, equipped with automatic FreeFlow system AFS 3 was produced with the surface supply SLS according to the new DIN EN 15333-2 standard as usable, tube-provided, light diving equipment. The diving helmet conforms thus the state of art.

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Dive Bentonite

It meets the highest standards of technology and security

Dive Contaminated

The installation of barrier gas valves (air locks) for the gas outlet, allows the use in contaminated waters.


We support operators of diving equipment in the preparation of hazard and risk analysis.

SLS Surface Supply System

The tube-provided light diving equipment to the DIN EN 15333 – made in Germany

Profile Free Flow diving helmet Tatum AFS 3

Type tested according to DIN EN 15333-2

The certification body is DNV GL SE, identification number 0098
The helmet has:

  • Approval as head protection according to DIN EN 397 type A (construction site helmet)
  • Approval for use in liquids with a density greater than water
  • Approval for contaminated waters
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Modular construction::

GRP helmet shell with stainless steel helmet ring, multi-valve block with integrated check valve between main and emergency air connection, sealing gas valves (sluice valves) for the exhaled air, front frame to hold the pane and Special accessories, balance weights

Automatic Free Flow System:

The breathing air is dosed automatically, Pressure controlled dosing valve, the minimum free flow is 10 %, the remaining quantity to the Breath is dosed on demand by a lung automatic control. A manual control allows to increase the free flow from 10% to 100%. The Permanently inflowing Free Flow reduces the CO2 level inside the helmet significantly below the permissible limit value, an inner mask is therefore not required. The control diaphragm and thus also the control of the automatic dosing valve has no direct contact with the surroundings. The automatic dosage therefore also works in liquids with a density greater than water e.g. sludge. The automatic dosing valve divides the one part flows in front of the window, the other part floods the window with air lower part of the helmet. This prevents fogging of the visor and an enrichment of CO2 excluded. The helmet internal pressure is adjusted to plus 18 to 20 mbar and it is used as a control variable for the inlet of the breathing air.

Sealing gas valves (sluice valves) as outlet valves:

The exhaled air escapes via Sealing gas controlled exhaust valves. The inner valves are not in direct contact with of the environment, open and close first and are always pressurized inside and outside to the external environment. Penetration of water or other solutions into the helmet will thus prevented

Hood with removable, integrated Diver Head Set:

The hood is attached to the Head size adjusted by the diver and equalizes the space between head and helmet off. The helmet needs no additional head attachment. The diver headset, loudspeaker and microphone, is housed in ear protection capsule. Due to the shape of the helmet shell, the construction of the head hood in connection with the hearing protection capsules a reduction of the noise level of 25 dB(A) is reached. The noise level in the hearing protection capsule Microphone enables interference-reduced communication with the land station. The Noise at the ear is reduced, which reduces the sound power of the speakers to < 10%. could be reduced than usual.

Balance weights::

The balance weights ensure an even weight distribution on land and in water. The helmet is always balanced.

Made in Germany:

The balance weights ensure an even weight distribution on land and in water. The helmet is always balanced.

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